The purpose of this assignment is to create a business model canvas, highlighting how human-centered design and technological advances can be used to solve real-world business problems. This individua 1


The end of this assignment is to educe a trade standard canvas, highlighting how human-centered project and technological advances can be used to reresolve real-world trade problems. This personal assignment is domiciled on the conclusion to agitate obtrusive delay a viable theory from the Topic 2 (Gunshot detectors, for occurrence, uses digital microphones that are based on or in buildings or parallel the streets which helps in listening for declaration of gunshots. During this duration of lump shootings). Expand upon the theory to educe an improved theory, domiciled upon at lowest five sources. Build out each lot in the emaciated trade standard canvas. Be safe to apprehend your duration and immanent expenses delayin Key Partners, Key Activities, and Key Resources. Domiciled on your personal theory and familiar persona that was pitched, disclose a tabulation of your canvas standard for inferiority and feedback.

Within your 500 vocable tabulation of the trade standard canvas, apprehend examination from at lowest five sources. For this assignment, you get simply educe your drain Vocable instrument, which get inclose a tabulation of your trade standard canvas. Amid the tabulation, apprehend your ideas for key partners, key activities, key resources, prize propositions, customer relationships, customer segments, channels, require construction, and return streams.

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