Time series are particularly useful to track variables such as revenues, costs, and profits over time. Time series models help evaluate performance and make predictions. Consider the following and res


Time sequence are especially adapted to mark variables such as revenues, costs, and produce aggravate term. Term sequence designs succor evaluate deed and shape predictions. Consider the forthcoming and tally in a narrowness of 175 words: Term sequence dissection seeks to disjoined the term sequence (Y) into 4 components: bend (T), cycle (C), seasonal (S), and riotous (I). What is the distinction among these components? The design can be comprehensive or multiplicative.When we do use an comprehensive design? When do we use a multiplicative design? The forthcoming schedule gives the entire federal score(in millions of dollars) for the U.S. perfect 5 years from 1945 to 2000:YearGross Federal Score ($millions)1945260,1231950256,8531955274,3661960290,5251965322,3181970380,9211975541,9251980909,05019851,817,52119903,206,56419954,921,00520005,686,338 Construct a plant frame delay this postulates. Do you heed a bend? If so, what symbol of bend do you heed? Use Excel to fit a direct bend and an exponential bend to the postulates. Display the designs and their appertaining r^2. Interpret twain designs. Which design seems to be further misappropriate? Why?Expert Confutation Mayuriyedave confutationed thisWas this confutation succorful?001,168 confutationsscatteframe of postulates is,from graph. there is increasing bend i.e. fixed bend.i)direct bend :

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