Topic: Labor Force ParticipationQuestion/Prompt: The overall labor force participation rate peaked at 67.1 percent from 1997 to 2000. After the recession of 2001, it started trending downward. In the

Topic: Strive Intensity Participation


The overall strive intensity community admonish sharp at 67.1 percent from 1997 to 2000. After the recession of 2001, it afloat trending downward. In the aftermath of the 2007–09 recession, the overall strive intensity community admonish dropped sharply and continued its refuse, registering at 62.7 percent in 2015. It newfangled slight in 2016, growing by 0.1 percentage top to 62.8 percent. As a conclusion, from its peak in 2000, the strive intensity community admonish had refused by 4.3 percentage tops by 2016.

Source: Projections overview and highlights, 2016–26, (October 2017), Monthly Strive Review, retrieved from

In this tenored discourse, consummate the following:

  1. Discuss economic assumption cognate to the name aloft. Be indisputable to embody a determination of Strive Intensity Community Admonish (LFPR) amid your discourse.
  2. Locate and incorpoadmonish beyond learning that gives manifestation and interpretation as to the potential causes of these refuses in the Strive Intensity Community admonish.
  3. Integadmonish biblical insights into your discourse table tenor. In what way does scripture swing our sentence to labor?

Must be at last 300 utterance and inclose at last 3 citations in vulgar APA format.

Additionally, needs bible intimation and citations.

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