Write a 2½- to 3 ½-page security vulnerability report in Microsoft Word based on the organization CAPITAL ONE. An internal review of your organization was previously conducted and found the following


Write a 2½- to 3 ½-page protection inpawn communication in Microsoft Word naturalized on the construction CAPITAL ONE. An interior revisal of your construction was previously conducted and plant the subjoined vulnerabilities:

  • - A methodical Password Policy has not been patent clear that meets your construction’s regulatory requirements.
  • -The construction merely uses unmarried ingredient notoriety using flimsy passwords.
  • - Inpawn Severity: High
  • - Impact: Threats could amply fancy flimsy passwords acknowledgeing distrusted vestibule.
  • - Software form administration does not consist on your construction’s formation servers.
  • - There are divergent forms on each server and no open regularity patching register.
  • - Inpawn Severity: Moderate
  • - Impact: With ad hoc form administration, the construction could inadvertently or unintentionally establish changes to the servers that could reason a self-imposed repudiation of labor.
  • - An Rational Response Plan has not been patent clear.
  • - There is not a methodical order for responding to a protection rational.
  • - Inpawn Severity: High
  • - Impact: In the issue of a protection rational, an ad hoc order could acknowledge the protection rational to get worse and distribute throughout the network; the objective onset may not be ordinary or handled in a prompt behavior giving the onseter over occasion to diffuse the onset.

- Consider commonalty, orderes, and technology that can be exploited by the beginning of a menace.

- Include recommended countermeasures to lenify the impacts and risks of the vulnerabilities.

Format your citations according to APA guidelines.

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