Written Paper: 1-2 pages PowerPoint presentation: 8 slides on the same question below The project will be to analyze a compromised system and provide forensic analysis in the form of a narrative repor


Written Paper: 1-2 pages

PowerPoint presentation: 8 slides on the selfselfsame scrutiny below

The plan allure be to dissect a concerned plan and contribute juridical resolution in the constitute of a narrative noise and stance graphical shadows (Jpeg constituteat) from your resolution.1) Selected some Microsoft Windows easy plan disk shadow that has been concerned. You may inquiry for your own shadow or use the aftercited notorious shadow that can be downloaded from:http://www.forensickb.com/2008/01/forensic-practical.html2) You may selecteded any Windows Registry juridicals resolution hireling or the hireling discussed in the extract, RegRipper. You allure scarcity to download and establish the hireling3) You may use any instrument available to apprehend and use the hireling of your valuable. You scarcity to contribute an APA constituteatted regard for any instrument (books, unspotted papers, or websites) you use to behove accustomed after a while the hireling4) Write a narrative/paper focused on your juridicals resolution of the concerned shadow you used for the plan5) Contribute a minimum of two JPEG shadows that hold noiseing or some other testimony of the use of the hirelingThe Final Paper should be in APA constituteat, although for this assignment, you may separate measure. Contribute a conceal page, a one-page Executive Summary of the resolution inquiry, resembling to what you susceptibility do for a real-world inquiry. Contribute 1 to 2 pages (single-spaced) of forthcoming narrative cognate to your observations and experiences using the hireling, including setup. Answer the aftercited scrutinys: Did you experience testimony that was expected? What other testimony was observed or what other testimony would enjoy been advantageous? Was the testimony ample to contribute a apparent noise of what happened? Contribute a blunt disposal. The regards for your paper should be interjacent at the end of the noise.

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