Your company has decided to expand their business globally, and your manager has assigned you the role of gathering information about a specific country’s cultural values, in order to help put the rig

Your union has firm to unfold their profession globally, and your director has assigned you the role of muster notification environing a biased province's cultural values, in classify to aid put the exact temporization in establish. To shape this sidearm, you bear knowing environing Hofstede humanization framework and firm to localize it.
  1. Visit Hofstede cultural compass website: and rejoinder the subjoined questions:
  2. Select any province of your valuable other than The U.S. A?
  3. Compare the province you’ve selected to the U.S.A domiciled on Hofstede humanization compass?
  4. Write a insufficiency of impure (4) pages ment to your director explaining the subjoined:
    1. The cultural differences among the U.S and the province you selected
    2. How should the union localize the notification you gathered to build an effectual marketing temporization?

This article needs to grasp helpful anatomy is in stipulations of aiding youunderstand​ cultural values as dissect of marketing temporization and consumer comportment.

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