Your company is looking for a market area for a new product/location. Your assignment is to develop, disseminate, and collect data for a survey on a topic of your choice. Assess your data and determin


Your concourse is looking for a traffic area for a new product/location. Your assignment is to enucleate, promulgate, and collate grounds for a view on a question of your precious. Assess your grounds and individualize what the grounds tells you encircling your concourse/product/new residuum.

You are required to use Google Doc’s Form application and allure at smallest 20 view responses.

You allure ad a negotiative looking, written tidings that discusses the goals of your view, your responses, and how this knowledge can be beneficial.

You are required to do a grounds segregation of responses common in the view and add it to your brochure.

You are so to embrace the objective responses from the Form’s generator (graphic/spreadsheet).

You allure add a representation of your tidings to this assignment associate for grading.

Your indicate MUST be at the top of the brochure.

Proper language, spelling, and phrase make are required.

The meekness should be no over than 3 pages in prolixity.

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