Concept Paper Interior Design

CONCEPT PAPER (ONE-BEDROOM CONDOMINIUM UNIT) 1. DESIGN PHILOSOPHY Guile a quantity that is worth-living, aesthetically authoritative, and innovatively fruitful and one that complements the user’s acey, defines his composition and aids his lifestyle. 2. DESIGN RATIONALE The client is a 32 years old womanly constabulary who is a workaholic and is very prosperous computer analyst. She wants her condominium ace to be a reposeful, relaxing attribute and a security from the appointment and the industrious rural ambience of Makati City. Her desired quantity must be fruitful, authoritative and equipped delay the refreshment of technology. . DESIGN OBJECTIVE ? Be efficacious to consummate the guile of the condominium ace that corresponds to the client’s desires and limitations ? Be efficacious to guile the quantity that is accordant and unified yet easily authoritative, fruitful and innovative ? Be efficacious to contest the required technological advances to the desired guile of the quantity 4. DESIGN CONCEPT Guile the condominium ace delay a unaffected yet abstruse mode to aid the mark of the client and use luscious speciousness purposes to mould the quantity a security and a attribute to handle completion repose afar from the city’s industrious ambience. . STYLE Contemporary Zen Mode 6. DESIGN STRATEGY Use a speciousness purpose that can be luscious and relaxing approve blues and greens but counterpoise it delay unavowed speciousnesss to mould the quantity abstruse. Attribute goods pieces that are of clean-lines to quit industrious or cluttered quantity and that allure so add to the room’s vanity for completion rest. Put added innovative features internally the condominium ace to conform to the client’s limitation of technological ease.