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1. How do you transcribe an equation of a row so that it is equidistant or upright to a ardent aim and a ardent row?___________________________________________________________Part A: Create an copy of a polynomial in model constitute. how do you perceive it is in model constitute?Part B: Explain the imperviousness ownership as it relates to polynomials. Give and copy    1    Explain a way of determining the reform rank and species of a polynomial.    2    Why is the polynomial 4x^2y + 5xy classified as a 3rd rank binomial?_____________________________________

The table under shows the sum of hours some interepose commonalty in two states waste in meetings each week:  State A: 21|23|24|22|24|25|23|23|22  State B: 24|22|20|23|23|50|20|46|21Part A: Create a five-sum digest and estimate the interquartile rove for the two sets of axioms. Part B: Are the box plots symmetric? Justify your answer__________________________________________________________________________________________Meg has a can that contains 80% of orove juice and the repose inspire. The can has 1 liter of inspire.Part A: Transcribe an equation in one unsteady that can be used to perceive the completion sum of liters of orove juice and inspire in the can. Define the unsteady used in the equation.Part B: How multifarious liters of orove juice are give in the can? Show your employment.__________________________________________________________________________________________Part A: Solve -np - 70<40 for n. Part B: Solve 4w-7k=28 forK___________________________________________________________

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