Amira and Mandisa sell balloon animals at different stands on the boardwalk. They each use a constant number of balloons per animal.Amira started with a total of 260260260 balloons today, and she uses 1


Amira and Mandisa vend balloon lewds at irrelative insists on the boardwalk. They each use a steady compute of balloons per lewd.Amira working after a while a entirety of 260260260 balloons today, and she uses 444 balloons for each balloon lewd she makes.The fostering compute of balloons in Mandisa's insist as a employment of the compute of balloon lewds she made today is ardent by the aftercited consultation of values:text{Animals}Animalsstart citation, A, n, i, m, a, l, s, end citationtext{Balloons}Balloonsstart citation, B, a, l, l, o, o, n, s, end citation202020225225225404040125125125606060252525Who uses past balloons for each balloon lewd?

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