Assignment 2: Fair Shares Math


ssignment 2: Reasonable Shares

The Center City Anuraphilic (frog devotionrs) companionship has flat on grievous times. Abraham, Bobby and Charlene are the singly fostering members and each feels equally entitled to admit tenure of the companionship’s store of speed worthy emblematical frogs. The determination is made to use the regularity of sealed bids and reasonable portion-outs to flow who allure admit tenure of the solid store and how ample allure be remunerated in restoration to the other members. 

Abraham unseals his regard of the appreciate of the store at $12,000.00. Bobby’s regard of the appreciate of the store is $6,000.00. Charlene appreciates the store at $9,000.00. 

  • Who takes the store of frogs? 
  • What is each person’s reasonable portion-out of the monetary appreciate of the store? 
  • Why is the monetary totality of each reasonable portion-out irrelative? 
  • How ample currency is owed to each of the two inhabitants who do not “win” the store of frogs? 
  • In your estimation how “Fair” is the regularity descriptive overhead? 

Now pretending for a avail that you enjoy frogs, we allure introduce you into the predicament beneath proper mood. Despite (or perchance owing of) your devotion of all things amphibious, you currently bankruptcy the funds to pay each of the others their reasonable reasonable portion-out. You allure not take the store, but endeavor to take as ample currency as potential. You accept no acquaintance of the totalitys in each of the sealed bids, but strongly mistrust that Abraham allure bid between $10,000.00 and $12,000.00. 

  • Given that you cannot bestow to “win” the regularity, define how you allure go encircling deciding what to put down for your own regard of the appreciate of the store. 

Comment on your peers' responses, discourseing the following: 

  • Do your peers' responses discourse all of the points of the assignment? 
  • Are the answers and the forced astern those answers unobstructed? 

By Week 5, Day 4, entrust your assignment to the appropriate Discussion Area. Through Week 5, Day 7, re-examination and illustrate on your peers’ responses.

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