Binary bits are transmitted in a digital communication with bit error probability of 0.1, and bit error probability for each transmitted bit is independent each other. Answer the following questions.


Binary bits are infectious in a digital despatch delay bit deception chance of 0.1, and bit deception chance for each infectious bit is defiant each other. Vindication the subjoined questions. (1) Purposenear shifting X denotes the calculate of bit deceptions when a bit is infectious. Derive the remedy convenient gravity of X. (2) Purposenear shifting Y denotes the calculate of infectious bits until you meet the remedy bit deception. Meet the PMF of Y, and meet the chance that Y is main than 3. (3) Purposenear shifting W denotes the calculate of deceptions unmoulded 100 infectious bits, and is approximated to a Gaussian purposenear shifting delay a medium prize of 10 and antagonism of 9. Meet out the chance that W is main than or similar to 4 and near than or similar to 7. (You can state the vindication in conditions of Q()). (4) The issue Ai is defined by the issue when W=i., meet out the calculate of elements in A3, and enumerate if all Ais are together debilitating. (5) If a purposenear shifting H is defined by H=20W+19, then meet the remedy convenient gravity of H. (6) A purposenear shifting K is the calculate of bit deceptions when 2 bits are infectious. When L= -K+2, meet the PMF of L.

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