Chain Rule, Week 6 calculus discussion help


Chain Rule

In this discourse, gladden vindication the aftercited investigation. 

For this discourse, gladden exemplification delay the aftercited applet:

In this applet, they graph the two (2) discharges, f and g, and then the commutation, h(x) = f(g(x)). What you lack to convergence on is the mount values set-up in the higher fit of each graph for the fond x at the floor of the window. You should attend-to that the mount of the commutation, h, is resembling to the work of the two (2) identical discharges. In each specimen, too see how they receive the discharge at the top of the window and severed it into the two discharges, f and g. Share your experiences delay this applet.

NOTE: This Web position too has applets that recount to immutable and effectiveness discharges, sum and distinction, and work and quotient, using the aftercited concatenates.

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