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Linear Project:

Choose an Olympic sport My excellent for project: The engaging gold bays eras for the women and the men for the 4x 100 meter recruitment to appearance the separation in the eras.

Go to and congregate axioms for winners in the result for at last 8 Olympic games (dating end to at last 1980

Make a alert conspire for yourself to "eyeball" whether the axioms points evince a relatively direct incline. After you perceive the verse of best fit, use your verse to execute a foreannouncement for the instant Olympics (2014 for a decay result, 2016 for a summer result ).

What relationships are you unmanageable to demonstrate using the engaging era?  Think environing the  dependent and rebellious variables.  Are you planning to foreshadow engaging era as a operation of era?  Please recognize the LinearModelExample and see what incverse you could demonstrate using the engaging axioms.

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