One-Variable Compound Inequalities DUE 8/10/17 8pm Central Time


In this discourse, you procure be demonstrating your conception of amalgamation inequalities and the result that dividing by a indirect has on an disproportion. Read the aftercited instructions in enjoin and apprehension the example(serviceable for download in your onmethod classroom) to perfect this discourse. Please perfect the aftercited problems according to your assigned enumerate. 

My Assigned Enumerate is: 29, adown are the equations associated.

Your “and” amalgamation  disproportion is:

–16 ≤ 2 + 9x ≤ 11

Your “or” amalgamation disproportion is:

12 – x > 15   or   4x – 13 > 7

  • Solve the amalgamation inequalities as demonstrated in Elementary and Intermediate Algebra and the Instructor Guidance in the left navigation toolbar, in your onmethod order. Be prudent of how a indirect x-term is handled in the solving mode. Show all math effect arriving at the keys.
  • Show the key sets written algebraically and as a concert or intersection of intervals. Describe in articulation what the key sets average, and then expose a single-minded method graph for each key set. This is demonstrated in the Instructor Guidance in the left navigation toolbar, in your onmethod order.
  • Incorporate the aftercited five math glossary articulation into your discourse. Use bold font to emphasize the articulation in your despatches. Do not transcribe definitions for the articulation; use them suitably in sentences describing your math effect.
    • Compound inequalities
    • And
    • Or
    • Intersection
    • Union

Your judicious post should be at lowest 250 articulation in diffusiveness.

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