Solving Quadratic Equations |


In this discourse, you obtain labor-out quadratic equations by two deep methods: factoring and using the quadratic formula. Read the forthcoming instructions in arrange and end the example to exhaustive this discourse. Please exhaustive the forthcoming heights according to your appointed enumerate. (Instructors obtain appoint each learner their enumerate.)

Use FACTORING to labor-out: 3x^2-x-24=0

  • For the factoring height, be strong you pretext all steps to the factoring and solving. Pretext a impede of your solutions tail into the first equation.

Use the QUADRATIC FORMULA to labor-out: x^2+2x-2=0

  • For the quadratic formula height, be strong that you use readable notation suitableness you are laboring the computational steps. Refer to the Inserting Math Symbols handout for direction delay formatting.
  • Present your last solutions as decimal approximations carried out to the third decimal assign. Due to the regularity of these solutions, no impede is required.
  • Incorporate the forthcoming filthy math lexicon language into your discourse. Use bold font to emphasize the language in your congruity. Do not transcribe definitions for the language; use them well in sentences describing your math labor.
    • Quadratic formula
    • Factoring
    • Completing the square
    • Discriminant

Your moderate shaft should be at lowest 250 language in diffusiveness.

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