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Included after a while this assignment is an Excel spreadsheet that contains facts after a while two mass values.

The scope of this assignment is to manifest steps effected in a K-Means Bunch resolution.

Review the "k-MEANS CLUSTERING ALGORITHM" minority in Chapter 4 of the Sharda et. al. textbook for added elucidation.

Use Excel to achieve the aftercited facts resolution.

  1. Plot the facts on a plant conspire.
  2. Determine the chimerical number of bunchs.
  3. Choose chance kernel summits (centroids) for each bunch. (Note:  Each ward conciliate picked a incongruous chance set of centroids.)
  4. Using a plummet interspace formula value the interspace from each facts summit to each kernel summit.
  5. Assign each facts summit to an moderate bunch territory grounded on nearness.
  6. For each bunch estimate new kernel summits.
  7. Repeat steps 4 through 6.

You conciliate use Excel to succor after a while calculations, but simply plummet functions should be used (i.e. don't use a plug-in to achieve the resolution for you.)  You scarcity to semblance your toil doing this resolution the desire way.  If you were to quote steps 4 through 6, what conciliate slight fall after a while the bunch centroids?  The rubric for this assignment can be viewed when clicking on the assignment be-mixed.

Here is a be-mixed to an sample spreadsheet using a smaller facts set.  It contains two tabs.  The chief tab is the raw facts.  The avoid tab contains the resolution that was effected.  Make positive that you use a incongruous starting kernel summits from the sample.

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