Suppose r(x) and t(x) are two functions with the same domain, and let h(x)=r(x)+t(x). Suppose also that each of the 3 functions r, t and h, has a maximum value in this domain (i.e. a value that is g


Suppose r(x) and t(x) are two administrations after a while the corresponding inclosure, and let h(x)=r(x)+t(x).  

Suppose too that each of the 3 administrations r, t and h, has a apex estimate in this inclosure (i.e. a estimate that is superior than or correspondent to all the other estimates of the administration).  

  • Let M = the apex estimate of r(x),
  • N = the apex estimate of t(x), and
  • P = the apex estimate of h(x).

How force the aftercited constantly be gentleman that M+N=P?  

Prove the correlativeness to be gentleman, or narrate what correlativeness does remain between the numbers M+N and P.

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