Think about a scenario when you would use an expression and an equation in a real life application. Discuss each scenario and explain how to write the expression and equation. What is the difference b


Think encircling a scenario when you would use an countenance and an equation in a genuine history impression. Discuss each scenario and decipher how to transcribe the countenance and equation. What is the dissimilitude betwixt twain of them? 

Create two illustration equations for your peers to work-out.

Write and work-out twain an equation and an imparity.  Decipher how to use inverse operations.  What is the administration to flip the imparity premonition?  Discuss how an equation and an imparity are appropriate in a genuine universe impression.

Create two imparity problems containing a minimum of three steps for your peers to work-out.

Graphs are frequently used in vocational settings to evince facts.  Think encircling your elder or vocation.  When would you use a rectirectilinear graph or a regularity of equations? 

In your apology embody the following:

  • What sign of facts can be used for the graph?
  • How would you identify and letter the axes?
  • How would you reckon the increase of the row?
  • How would you decipher the row and facts?

Choose three laws for exponents.  Define each law and stipulate an specimen.  Decipher why we use exponents in or-laws notation.  Stipulate an specimen.

Write two problems containing exponents for your peers to elucidate.

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