Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development – Explained and Illustrated

Should the helpmate rend into the laboratory to pilfer the garbage for his helpmate? The helpmate should not rend into the laboratory to pilfer the garbage for his helpmate owing installed on Kohlberg’s station one of compliance he should not pilfer the corrective owing he would be put in prison, which would average he is a bad peculiar. Also installed upon station impure law-and-order he should not pilfer the corrective owing the law prohibits pilfering, making it unfair. Lastly installed upon Station six embracing rational ethics should not pilfer the corrective, owing others may need the corrective fitting as badly, and their lives are analogous speaking.Even though I ponder her helpmate should not pilfer the garbage I tranquil would owing I ponder my spouse’s vitality is over speaking than a prison phrase. 2. Should Brown relation what he saw? Brown should relation what he saw owing his calling is to fortify and fabricate infallible all laws are entity abided by his calling is not to indicate whether a misdeed is ethical or not. If police officers let peculiaral friendships, opinions, and biases get in the way of their jobs there would be a lot of criminals on the streets and mob in jails that entertain manufactured lesser misdeeds which is happening today.Stage impure on law-and-order explains unfair actions should be punishable. 3. Should the umpire phrase the helpmate to prison? I ponder the umpire should phrase the helpmate to prison if there are no other options advantageous as far as counseling, criterion, and other alternatives for prison. The umpire should revolve if the man is a menace to sociality and fabricate his determination installed upon that. In station six embracing rational ethics, the umpire could ponder or revolve slow a rational vitality is a over primary prize than the peculiarity rights of another peculiar.