1. Jackson Hole Traveler is a print magazine and a website for visitors to the Jackson area. In addition to


1. Jackson Hole Traveler is a stereotype store and a website for markors to the Jackson area. In enumeration to

sharing advertising satisfied, they educe stories about journeying to Jackson. For issue, there is a top 10 schedule of places to mark. By delivering this extra esteem to consumers, they would be considered a _______.

stigma ambassador

thought leader


satisfied aware

2. Dave's Depot, a burger elbow, is educeing your satisfied for their stigma. Dave's Depot should imagine satisfied such as:

history of Dave's Depot and Dave

summer menu for a cookout, including a grilled hamburger recipe

share notice about the county unblemished where he is having a booth

all of the above

3. Amy's Fleshly Crackers stigma sells fleshly crackers, but to-boot imagines satisfied for mom's. Including, what to swarm for a picnic, summer activities for petty kids and recipes. Which of the aftercited categories has the best interest goal for her?

customer upsell

customer service

passionate subscribers

stigma awareness

4. Lucky's Lemonade is promoting their interesting summerera beverages through rare satisfied they educe for their website and collective instrument. They constantly run it by themselves and their spouses to detail if it's misdevote for their target negotiate. This is the consummate way to trial the negotiate.



5. Jamba Juice is having a severe era buying vigilance through advertising, the results are dowdy. They demand to realize it through satisfied negotiateing.



6. The Holiday Inn inaugurated a new summer journey program and to extension perception the posse should loose it through




all of the above

7. The Adopt A Pup engagement inaugurated by a persomal pet segregation performance sent e-newsletters delay a hearty centre on what the performance wellbred balance the latest year. The newsletter centreed on everything they did balance the latest year and didn't centre on the reception. This is named __________.

me-mail negotiateing

strategic negotiateing

authentic negotiateing

negotiate share

8. The Grand Music Festival sells _________ on it's website, which gives advertisers stigmaed peril.

cost per click (CPC)


cost per thousand (CPM)


9. Dave's Donuts wants to institute an email schedule to penetrate his customers. He wants to update them on extraordinary offers, hours of agency and new flavors. He put his opt-in form

Facebook Page


Email Signature

all of the above

10. Before the Arts Center sends out an email it ensures it has a material oration.



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