1) Roberta couldn’t find anything on her topic searching with the word, “photo” but he was able to find plenty of sources using the term “photo*”….


1) Roberta couldn't perceive anything on her subject-matter minute delay the tidings, "photo" but he was serviceserviceable to perceive full-supply of sources using the engagement "photo*". Roberta institute these sources through:

 Boolean operators




2)You are giving a discourse that involves abundant conference free-trade that you deficiency to chronicles and associate to during the delivery itself. Your best precious of delivery aid for this seat would be:

 A pie chart

 A poster

 A PowerPoint delivery

 A flip chart

3)A ward is presenting an informative discourse describing the contrariant types of sporting events in the nationality. The conference, having heard all of this instruction anteriorly, is generally drilled.

The presenter failed to converge which of the forthcoming criteria in the delivery:




 Correct sum of instruction

4)Margaret develops a discourse in which she explored three contrariant battles during World War II. She chose to argue the forthcoming: Battle of the Bulge, Battle of Britain, and Battle of Iwo Jima.

What organizational model is Margaret using?

 Monroe's Motivated Sequence




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