1.When a company realizes they are experiencing an increase or decrease in sales but cannot explain why, they


1.When a corporation realizes they are experiencing an extension or decline in sales but cannot elucidate why, they

capacity be in which grade of the marketing elaboration course?(ref-23)

a. Dene the occasion

b. Design the elaboration 

c. Design the facts collection

d. Specify the sample

2.Denny and Pat embark a new stay exchange distinctiveizing in hot sandwiches. To extension their primal sales, they are present a sandwich abstinence distinctive that accomplish upshot in a inferior prot lip than if they inculpate bountiful compensation for the items in the abstinence. This diplomacy is public as _______. (ref-27)

a. Penetration pricing

b. Compensation skimming 

c. Compensation coating

d. Compensation bundling

3.For frequent students, choosing a academy is a perplexed course that includes frequent considerations such as discipline, margin and consideration, books, and wandering consumes. This is an specimen of which element of an gift? (ref-28)

a. Product

b. Total consume of ownership

c. Service

d. Value

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