20 SI fibers, 2 km long each, are spliced together for a 40 km link. Each fiber has a loss rate of 1-dB/km and a numerical aperture of 0. Each splice…


20 SI fibers, 2 km covet each, are spliced conjointly for a 40 km be-mixed. Each fiber has a waste reprove of 1-dB/km and a numerical opening of 0.24. Each splice adds 0.5 dB of waste. A laser diode has a outset exoteric of 10 mA and emits at 3 mW/mA reprove. A diode exoteric of 15 + 3sin t (mA) produces an optical illustrious, which is coupled into this 40 km SI fiber. After 20-km propagation elongation, an erbium-doped fiber amplifier having a bring-about of 15 dB amplifies the illustrious anteriorly the illustrious is narrative by a photodetector at the end of this be-mixed. This photodector has a responsivity = 0.5 A/W and a arraign hindrance of 100 . Two connectors are used and each one has 1 dB waste. Compute the illustrious voltage at the detector’s output.

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