A brand is _____. Select one: simply a label b. a name, picture, design, or symbol used by a seller to differentiate their offerings c. a picture…


1.A disgrace is _____.

Select one:

a. simply a label

b. a spectry, paint, intention, or nature used by a vender to lump their offerings

c. a paint that is correspondent to another order's intention

d. a slogan that conveys the firm's statue

e. an advertising campaign

2.What is the aim of disgrace positioning?

Select one:

a. to beget a statue or consciousness in a customer that brings avowal and delight

b. to expound its differentiating qualities to its target customers, why it is meliorate, and why the mastery to its antagonists matters

c. to beget an continuously changing intimation to competition the trade's remotest trends

3.A order wishes to appraise its customers' fealty. What characteristic of its disgrace could be used to assess this appraisement?

Select one:

a. trade value and arrangement coverage of the disgrace

b. customer recompense delay the disgrace

c. leadership or popularity of the disgrace

4.If a order begetd a emanation tradeing campaign which exaggerated the objective benefits and features of a emanation and misrepresented the property of the individual, what could be the trade's reaction?

Select one:

a. dogmatic customer feedback

b. waste of customers and violation of the customer's trust

c. deeper emanation trade penetration

5.Jason has run out of toilet Nursing Dissertation in the bathroom. He walks balance to his give closet singly to discbalance that all of his toilet Nursing Dissertation rolls keep been used up. Jason has reasonable practiced what sever of the consumer decision-making manner?

Select one:

a. evaluating alternatives

b. avowal of a need

c. post-purchase behavior

6.Colgate resolute it would vend frozen meals subordinate its disgrace spectry. It attested a target trade, health-conscious uncompounded inhabitants who recognize magazines and listened to the radio in their car. Colgate contemplated that these immanent customers would elect its frozen meals balance a antagonist affect Healthy Choice. Colgate rolled out its meals and failed closely delayout-delay. In consumers' minds Colgate distinct for toothpaste. No one wanted to eat meals they associated delay toothpaste. Colgate failed in liberal sever owing it misunderdistinct which disgraceing feature?

Select one:

a. solidity of disgrace matters to consumers

b. disgrace messaging is flexible

c. centre values should drive all decisions

7.Name the five steps in the Trade Research Process

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