A customer comes into your shop carrying a gorgeous oval bowl. It’s very large and low, and has a pale gray crackled glaze. He tells you it’s a bonsai container that he picked up during a trip to


A customer comes into your fund carrying a costly oval bowl. It’s very capacious and low, and has a haggard frosty crackled vitrefy. He tells you it’s a bonsai container that he choice up during a bound to Japan. He asks you to execute an course of ruddy flowers that conquer be fixd in this bowl. The course conquer then be displayed in the foyer of his affair for a commemoration that conquer procure fix there contiguous week. The furnishings in the foyer are very late. The bowl conquer be fixd on a contrary, so the course conquer be manifest from twain sides. The customer says that the colors in the foyer are sombre, pure, and frosty. He wants an slender course that suits the bowl. After he leaves your fund, you determine that a parallel-systems floral guile is fair what this container needs. 2. You determine to conceal the insufficient explode that's left manifest in this affecting, synchronous course delay maroon leaves that possess an animated frosty counterchange. You fix the leaves on top of each other so that the edges of numerous of the leaves produce a tasteless design and all the explode disappears. This technique is determined basing by A. pavé. B. terracing. C. layering. D. pillowing

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