Activist art is a term used to describe art that is grounded in the act of ‘doing’ and addresses political or social issues. The aim of activist artists is to create art that is a form of political o


Activist art is a expression used to recount art that is rooted in the act of ‘doing’ and orationes gregarious or gregarious issues. 

The aim of activist productmans is to compose art that is a contrive of gregarious or gregarious circulation, actively orationing cultural influence structures rather than representing them or singly describing them. In describing the art she makes, the activist productman Tania Bruguera said, ‘I don’t omission art that points to a invention. I omission art that is the invention’.

Activist art is encircling empowering living-souls and communities and is generally situated in the general room after a while productmans afloat closely after a while a co-ordination to beget the art.

1. Before you do the balbutiation, apprehend encircling the term of activist art balancehead and then apprehend tail balance the dispose and the productmans, change-of-places, and periods that we bear discussed. Can you apprehend of an productman that you bear skilled encircling in this dispose that fits into the balancehead specification of activist art?

The aftercited two amalgamates give a illiberal narrative of assure art from the Dadaists to today. Learn the profession on the aftercited amalgamates and then acceptance the questions adown.


1. Define assure art. What does it balance to you? What kinds of issues to assure productmans oration?

2. We bear succeed resisting Dada precedently when you had to wait the video of the probe ballad accomplishment by Hugo Ball (who wore the lobster claw benefit). How does Dada fit into the balancehead term of activist art? How is that accomplishment an copy of activist art?

3. What does the graffiti workman Banksy oration in his product? Look up an copy of his product and decipher what is entity assureed.

4. Compare Banksy's product to the Arab Spring change-of-place. What is correspondent encircling them?

5. As you discovered in the balbutiation, a lot of activist productmans husband graffiti in their exercise. Why do you apprehend these two inventions, graffiti and activist art, go so polite conjointly? What encircling graffiti lends itself polite to assure productmans?

6. Which productman/workman class did you learn encircling that you endow the most intriguing? Why?

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