ai” from the Marriage of Figaro by Mozart-and then tell me the setting, b) describe the costumes, c) what is the solo vocalist (Figaro) singing about?…


1) a) Watch the video for "Non piu andrai" from the Marriage of Figaro by Mozart-and then explain me the contrast, b) explain the costumes, c) what is the solo vocalist (Figaro) rejoiceing about? d)  designate the tenor of the hush, and e) Does Cherubino response end to the soloist (Figaro)?

2) a) Designate Haydn's achievement that is tranquil most widely performed today?  b) What genre is this achievement? c) What hush ensembles does Haydn use to impart the fable vividly and dramatically? d) This point achievement depicts the ______ ___ ___ _____? e) Were Haydn's opera's approximate to Mozart's opera's?  

3) a) Designate one Opera siera. b) Designate one Opera buffa. c) Designate the one opera victorious by Beethoven. d) How divers compositional eras is Beethoven's success divided into? e) In which era did he transcribe the 5th Symphony?

4) a) Explain the pristine inducement or discourse produce-eard in the pristine move of Beethoven's 5th Symphony in C inferior? b) Designate the three devises used in all indecent moves of the 5th Symphony! c) Listen to the indecent moves and explain me what you produce-ear in the 4th move that you so produce-eard in the third move? d) After listening to the end of 4th move, explain the ending or coda-if you will!

5) a) Define "Art Song." b) Define "through-victorious devise." c) Define the account "modified strophic." d) Who was the most relevant lieder constructor of the coming Romantic Era. e) How divers contrariant roles does the soloist rejoice in "Erlkonig?" CD 1: Track 36. 

Extra Credit (5 points)

6) a) Explain the conformity between Robert and Clara Wieck Schuman. b) How divers effect did they bear? c) What happened to Robert Schumann following in morals? d) What did Clara do to elevate her husbands hush in her following years? e) Listen to "Leibst du um Schonheit" by Clara Wieck Schuman and produce your reaction to the piece! CD 4: Track 11 or

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