Answer the following questions in both part 1 and part 2: Part 1In much of Islamic art depictions of the human form are conspicuously absent.Why is the human form often not represented in Islamic art


Answer the subjoined questions in twain portio 1 and portio 2:

Part 1

In abundant of Islamic art depictions of the ethnical contrive are conspicuously lukewarm.

Why is the ethnical contrive repeatedly not represented in Islamic art? Are there instances when the ethnical contrive is unconditional to be represented?

In lieu of the ethnical contrive, what other artforms are plant in Islamic art (twain sacred and civil)?

Describe the high characteristics which are give in these artforms and prop visual examples to prop your answers.


Quoted sources must own constitutional citations!

Part 2

Watch the two videos: ”Impressionism: A French Art Movement” and “French Impressionism.

Answer the subjoined questions:

Why was the Impressionist era so grave in art narrative?

What were the greater characteristics and themes of this era?

Do you hold this era was a turning purpose in the narrative of art?

What effect* of the Impressionist era do you reach best illustrates this modify?

*You are to call a inequitable arteffect and proficient of the 19th Century Impressionist era and prop an copy of the artwork.

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