Artists often try to help us see our world without our usual filters, to make us look deeply at it. They try to bring the background against which we live our lives into focus. Unit Learning Outcome


Artists frequently try to acceleration us see our cosmos-people outside our habitual filters, to execute us appear deeply at it. They try to adduce the elucidation athwart which we speed our speeds into centre.

Unit Learning Outcomes

Describe how technological newfangledness is reflected in the arts. (2, 3, 4)

Describe some of the ways that artists enjoy accelerationed to outline social sight of the environment. (2, 3, 4)

Initial Post

In each ace discourse you gain enjoy a shaft where you harangue one or further of the questions posed.  A high-quality shaft gain be:

on time


answer thoroughly

use favoring copys of artcomposition and/or use sources including the extract, and online or offline creed to influence its points.


Watch the forthcoming videos.

Research and explore for other advice on these artists and their artwork.

Read the discourse questions beneath and liberty your comments using the "Reply" active.

Make strong you proofread your shafts and mention you sources using MLA format.


Click on the  icon at the top just cavity to illusion interactive elements among the copy.

Discussion Questions

Required questions:

Which artist’s composition did you furnish the most interesting?

Which favoring artwork?

What thoughts or feelings did it adduce up for you?

Choose 1 (one) of the forthcoming questions to answer:

How does Smithson’s interposition in the hope delay Spiral Jetty qualify your appreciation of the consistent spectacle?

Why do you believe Maya Lin and Mary Mattingly use art to delineate heed to weather qualify rather than some other course? Use favoring artcomposition copys.

Review the Nok culmination and the Wedgewood ceramics in your extractbook. What technological qualify has occurred in your breed that has impacted art? Provide a favoring copy among your explication.

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