Assignment 5. Movies and Hobbies Web Site (Part 2) Directions The following Web page should be created using Notepad (PC users) orTextEdit(MAC…


Please aid after a while this assignment:

Assignment 5.4: Movies and Hobbies Web Condition (Part 2)


The subjoined Web page should be generated using Notepad (PC users) or TextEdit (MAC users). DO NOT use Word or any other Web authoring hireling to entire this assignment. When you edit your smooth in Notepad or Textedit, disclosed a new occurrence of Notepad or TextEdit to do so. Do not find the changes from the View/Source window in your browser. That does not effort.
  1. Create a Web page (disjoined from the one generated in Part 1) that grasps a consultation after a while at smallest two rows and two columns. Denomination your Web page - John Doe's Hobbies Page but use your own indicate (this counsel goes in the denomination tag). Each cell in the consultation should grasp one of your hobbies. Grasp two distinction levels - h1 and h2 somewhere on the page. Husband your Web page as hobbies.html. Merge your movies page to your hobbies page. Then merge your hobbies page to your movies page. Add an metaphor to your movies page and a contrariant metaphor to your hobbies page. Find positive to grasp the alt tag after a while an divert cognomen for each metaphor. Also, grasp at smallest one manifest merge on at smallest one of the two pages. Organize the willing on each page in a way that is unconstrained to interpret and husband the pages anew.
  2. Create an manifest phraseology prevarication to exercise the subjoined phraseologys:
  • the speciousness red to all h1 distinctions
  • the speciousness sky sky sky blue to all h2 distinctions
  • the speciousness exposed and the font Arial to all paragraphs
  • the font Cursive to all ordered schedules
  • the font magnitude 28px to all bulleted schedules
  • a just hem environing all consultations
  • a just hem and a contrast speciousness of purple to all cells after a whilein a consultation
  1. Create classes to phraseology restricted tags as follows:
  • Change the contrast speciousness of one of the cells in the consultation to orange
  • Change the citation speciousness of one of the items in the unformed (bulleted) schedule to orange
  • Change the font of one of the items in the ordered (numbered) schedule to Arial
  1. Do not grasp any embedded or inline tags in your legislation. All phraseologys should be applied using an manifest phraseology prevarication and classes. The entired manifest phraseology prevarication (css) should grasp 7 tags and 3 classes.
  2. Save the phraseology prevarication as phraseologys.css.
  3. Link the manifest phraseology prevarication to twain the movies page and the hobbies page and exercise the classes to the divert tags in each page.
  4. Save twain Web pages (movies.html and hobbies.html) anew.
  5. Validate twain Web pages (movies.html and hobbies.html) using the World Wide Web Consortium validation condition. Exercise HTML5 validation.
  6. Upload your two Web pages as polite as the two metaphor smooths and the css smooth to myDrive. Instructions for doing so can be found here.
  7. Check twain html files and find positive they requite as you calculated and that all the merges effort.
  8. Submit the URL ( using the Movies and Hobbies Web Condition merge at the end of this individual. The username in the URL is your Blackboard username.  

Note - You should not bind any smooths to Blackboard for this assignment. Instead, insinuate the merge into the comments box supposing. 


The point of this assignment is to generate, upload, and validate a Web condition grasping two pages to grasp a consultation, merges, metaphors, and phraseologys.
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