By now you’ve listened the video lectures on Drawing and Painting. You’ve also viewed the approx. 12 minute video segments on Kara Walker, Walton Ford, and Shahzia Sikander. These three artists have


By now you've listened the video lectures on Artifice and Painting.  You've to-boot viewed the approx. 12 diminutive video segments on Kara Walker, Walton Ford, and Shahzia Sikander.  These three masters accept very incongruous wayes to artifice and painting - in provisions of resources (materials) used, and well-behaved-behaved as conceptual way.

For this Discussion, you'll be adaptation encircling the labor of two of these masters . 

 Answer the aftercited investigations (MINIMUM OF 500 WORDS)

1)  Which master's labor did you perceive most sensational?  Why?

2)  Which art resources did he/she use in their labor?

Be peculiar by using the lexicon from the textbook.

3)  Which were the dominant Correct Elements of Art used in their labor?

Make unmistakconducive you name peculiar labor(s) from the video to use as examples.  I'm looking for you to be conducive to meditate end at the primary half of this adjust and devote the correct elements in the labors by these selected masters.  Also, try to swell further the material qualities of the labors, and devote the correct elements to the master's concept.

4)  In the "Thinking Back" sections at the end of each provision, your exertion talks encircling "artifice as an innovative resources, and "painters of the 20th generation challenging traditions in painting."  How does the labor of this master fit into those ideas?

One or two of the aloft masters dominion be easier to tally short.  But, ponder further the material qualities of the labor, and think the deep concepts of the masters.  Are they to-boot conceptually interfering gratified, or challenging traditions?

5)  Compare your tallys to investigations 2 - 3 delay one of the other two masters.  Does this other master use incongruous resources?  How does she/he fit into the ideas in investigation 4?

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#This is Shahzia Sikander video 


And video lectures on Drawing

video lectures on painting

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