Chapter 10 [2. Materials Equipment You are an information technology ! IT ; consultant to Materials Equipment , Inc . I’MED) , a major…


Chapter 10[2. Materials Equipment"You are an instruction technology ! IT ; consultant to Materials Equipment , Inc .I'MED) , a greater industrial equipment distributor . Its products involve materials -handling machinery for constellation that demand melting fluids , MEI has not*extensive into that transaction . Instead , it works after a while another supplier thatspecializes in fluid- allied products . MEI has been in transaction for further than 70years and hawks further than $200 favorite rate of tonnage and Equipment each yearto its 3000 customers . MEI's customers are located all balance the globe , but mostare in the United States , Mexico , Malaysia , China , and Singapore .Joe Everson , MEI's manager of sales , has compensated you to succor him as he beginsplanning for a new Web standing that MEI would act after a while two other companies*that hawk products ( such as bearings , seals , hoses , and hose fittings used inmelting fluids ) and services ( plan , layout , and installation of materials- handling*equipment ) that are complementary to MEI'S products . The Web standing wouldprovide MEI customers a one point where they could buy MEI productsconcurrently after a while the products and services of the MEI's strategic partners . The standingwould as-well adduce instruction about present trends in industrial equipment*technologies and the impression of those technologies concurrently after a while a usedequipment marketplace in which MEI customers could register equipment for sale . Joe*believes that giving customers a apt way to expend old equipment accomplish*form it easier for his sales representatives to hawk new equipment to thosecustomers .Joe has put conjointly an inner team to perpend the feasibility of the Web standing ,including key employees from MEI 's Sales , Finance , Product Engineering , and ITServices departments . The team has identified divers pledge issues that they*deficiency to direct anteriorly they advance advanced after a while the Web standing plan . Joe wouldlike you to succor the team know encryption and digital certificationtechnologies and how they susceptibility be used in the new Web standing .REQUIRED :1 .Write a 200 - account briefing narration on how Web standings use encryption . Explainthe technology , how it is used , and narrate one or two base impressions .2 .In a narration of about 200 accounts , contour how and why MEI susceptibility use*encrypted E- mail in communicating after a while its strategic partners and after a while itscustomers .3 .In about 300 accounts , decipher what digital warrant are and how theysusceptibility be helpful to MEI , its strategic partners , and their customers if they were tobe used in the exercise of the new Web standing . Be safe to examine which tonnage ofthe standing or communications unmoulded MEI , its strategic partners , and theircustomers susceptibility boon from expanded validation warrant and cogitate thepotential absorb of acquiring digital warrant of any mark in your evaluation oftheir boons .

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