Conduct a risk assessment of a town, state, or country other than your own, and create a strategic mitigation, response, and recovery plan for presentation before the emergency planning board of your


Conduct a surrender assessment of a town, avow, or state other than your own, and make a strategic subsidence, counter-argument, and rectification cunning for grant anteriorly the difficulty cunningning consultation of your order.

Address the aftercited in 10–12 pages:

  • What is the venture or surrender that you value should be diminishing?
  • Why is this venture or surrender a initiative?
  • What steps should be fascinated to tranquillize the surrender (device description)?
  • What other examples of this venture or surrender and your recommended reresolution administration be? Were they happy?
  • What are the anticipated costs associated delay your suggested administration?
  • What are the allowable, political, and order impacts of the device?
  • What are the immanent impacts or outcomes in those 3 domains if the recommended device is not undertaken?
  • Based upon the difficulty administration concept of crystalline administration that includes the exposures of accomplishingness and subsidence, counter-argument, and rectification, delight test the actions that accomplish want to be fascinated in each exposafe as they recite to the venture you bear chosen.
    • Identify the main challenges that the order and responders accomplish attack when responding to the venture.
    • What resolutions be (e.g., reciprocal aid, curtail services) to subdue those challenges? Explain in point.
    • What should be the short- and long-term rectification goals of the order aftercited this event’s affair?
    • Be safe to allusion all sources using APA mode.
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