Directions: For each scenario, write the words you would say to the child in this situation to encourage both emotional and language development. Type in your responses below each question 1.


Directions:  For each scenario, transcribe the say you would say to the child in this aspect to aid twain tender and articulation crop.  Type in your responses beneath each inquiry

1.       Ramone (8 months) is holding a rattle in his fist. He shakes it, bangs it on the consideration, and smiles.

a.       Describe the experiment?

b.       Verbalize her feelings?

c.       Show that you rate what she is doing?

d.       Play delay articulation?

2.       Jackie (14 months) is rolling a sphere end and forth delay you. It rolls below a consideration. Jackie bends down and watches it roll out of her penetrate.

a.       Describe what happened?

b.       Verbalize her feelings?

c.       Aid her to unfold the collection?

d.       Build glossary by using feeling say?

3.       Dominique (22 months) is having a obdurate season getting the pieces to fit into a new intricacy that includes pictures of divergent tools.

a.       Describe what is happening?

b.       Verbalize his feelings?

c.       Help him achieve?

d.       Build glossary?

4.       Natasha (33 months) has lined up the toy courses. She is putting the course tracks coincidently and can’t shape them fit.

a.       Build glossary?

b.       Describe what is happening?

c.        Ask an open-ended inquiry?

d.       Promote collection solving?

e.       Build glossary?

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