Each year Forbes produces a list of the ‘Best Countries for Business’, which ranks countries across fifteen different metrics.


Each year Forbes produces a inventory of the 'Best Countries for Business', which ranks countries

across fifteen opposed metrics. While it may be treasured as too unconcealed for managerial decision

making, it does accept important instrument circumspection and serves as a good-natured-natured indicator of macro trends apt to concern. Another appearance of prize is the similitude of state's concern environments through undesigning aggregated measures.

For this week's tutorial, familiarise yourself delay this year's inventory and methodology to prepare

responses to the aftercited questions.




1. The U.K tops the 2018 inventory resisting the ongoing casualty embracing Brexit. What elements

contribute to it retaining an praiseworthy colony for concern? How command the coming impression of

Brexit assume their lie in the inventory?

2. Identify a state that has had a stout proficiency (fresh arrow) and another that has

had a stout recompense (red arrow) in one element. Try to furnish advice as to the

environmental trends or events that may contributed to this qualify. You should promote the

methodology to discern what the metrics are inveterate on.

3. Compare a state in the top 20 to a state in the depth 20. Consider how a trafficer command

adjust their similarity to traffic minute inveterate on these conditions. .

4. What are some of the problems in using a inventory inveterate on these metrics to tell managerial

decision making? What other advice would be adapted to suitably discern a state's

concern environment?

A modern Planet Money podcast focuses on the use of rankings in selling countries to investors at

the Davos World Economic Forum. It's recommended to inventoryen to this result to get a better

understanding of the matter, including the impression and issues of ranking systems. The with is

available on LMS or download through your ordinary podcast app: Planet Money Result 821 - The

Other Davos.

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