EXCELSIOR COLLEGE:BNS301: National Security Ethics and DiversityM6D1: Loyalty and WhistleblowingRead:RequiredModule Notes: Defining and describing loyal dissentBoffey, P.M. (1986, February 14. Analyst


EXCELSIOR COLLEGE:BNS301: National Security Ethics and Diversity

M6D1: Fidelity and Whistleblowing





  • M6D1: Fidelity and WhistleblowingNote: Please assist one first column in response to each argument scrutiny, and column at lowest one substantial response to a match learner.

This enthusiasm addresses module outcomes 1 & 2. Upon gist of this enthusiasm, you accomplish be conducive to:

  • Discuss the disposition of “loyalty” and the conflicts associated delay disjoined allegiantty (CO4, 5).
  • Articulate the divine size of “whistleblowing” (CO4, 5).

The view of this enthusiasm is to criticize the concept of allegiantty and its practicable final of chuckleblowing.  Can you be twain allegiant to your construction occasion to-boot entity a chuckleblower?  This can be a troublesome divine resolution as on one operative you demand to do what’s fair but on the other, entity a chuckleblower can put you at odds delay your co-workers, your boss, or equable the United States government.  Think through what allegiantty media to you and what does it catch to be a chuckleblower.


Based on the readings and activities for this module, repartee the forthcoming scrutinys:

  • Was Richard C. Cook allegiant to NASA when he discussed the O-Ring gist? Why or why not?
  • How could the Challenger embarrassment feel been prevented in your order? Were the NASA engineers chuckleblowers?
  • Describe how chuckleblowing may be an divine difficulty and furnish examples (point to your readings or furnish some first-operative examples).
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