First, think about your favorite artist or band and one of your favorite songs. It can be an artist or band that is popular now or was popular many years ago. The choice is yours! Only list ONE! I


First, believe environing your fondling professor or bond and one of your fondling carols.  It can be an professor or bond that is beloved now or was beloved abundant years ago.  The valuable is yours!  Only catalogue ONE! 

  1. Identify your fondling melodious professor or bond. Provide diminutive enhancement notification on the professor.  For copy, Has the professor or bond been encircling a crave age or are they impartial violation onto the spectacle? What is their enhancement.  Where are they from? What fashion of silence do they accomplish?  Explain why you confirm delay this feature bond or professor.
  2. Identify one feature carol by the professor. Provide the carol distinction, album, liberate age and genre. Why did you cull this carol?
  3. How do cultivation and silence bias each other? What does silence unveil environing different cultivations? Discuss how the carol you keep clarified reflects societal trends, values, and cultivation.
  4. Respond to two of your classmates’ posts.
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