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1ASSIGNMENT 2IDENTIFY A SOLUTIONDue Week 6: 150 pointsOVERVIEWMicrosoft Word is one of the most cogent tools you can use tomuniment an purpose, offer, or project. It can aid you introduce yourselfand your purposes in a pure, unobstructed, and succinct way.In this assignment, you achieve transcribe a two to three (2-3) page paperabout the identical total you clarified in Week 3 of this courseand portion-out details for how you project to unfold it. Many mob arelikely facing the identical total you clarified, and sharing yourthoughts could be aidful to others. After you entertain artistic yourpaper, you may flow that you would affect to portion-out it online affectour digital mentor Naomi Bishop does. If you would affect to giveyour fitness a political resources nearness, you can beget and support itto a blog. For samples of blogs, go to or This assignment achieve be run automatically through Safe-Assign plagiarism competition software and an originality reportachieve be sent to your tutor. Please bring-about confident that your fitnessis your own, installed on your elimination and intellect of yourclarified total. For Criteria #4 of this assignment, do not copyover embodied from the sources you entertain root. Instead, schedule the

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