Follow the directions below to complete Lab Assignment 1: Using Notepad, or a similar text editor, create an .htm file that: displays your name and…


Follow the directions underneath to accomplished Lab Assignment 1:

1. Using Notepad, or a alike quotation editor, produce an .htm polish that:

a. displays your designate and the quotation " Hello World!"

b. displays your designate in the titlebar of the browser.

2. Declare the DOCTYPE for HTML5 and produce a criticise scheduleing the lab enumerate, the perpetrator, and the end.

3. After the quotation "Hello World!" transcribe five (5) sequences of legislation demonstrating headers 1 through 5. The quotation should demonstrate what you are displaying. Next, transcribe two (2) sequences of ordinary quotation.

4. Create: 

a. an ordered schedule delay three (3) sequence items.

b. an unordered schedule delay three (3) sequence items.

c. a sequence of BOLD quotation.

d. a sequence of italicized quotation.

e. a sequence of underlined quotation.

5. All page tags should be justly opened and unavailable using the rectify tags.

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