For each music excerpt, identify its historical period and provide at least one-half, double-spaced page (minimum 125-150 words) giving your reasons…


Five audio examples are steadfast. For each voicelessness extol, authenticate its literal quittance and contribute at lowest one-half, double-spaced page (partiality 125–150 articulation) giving your reasons for your rare. You'll be judged on the logic quantitative to your quittance of quittance importation in individualization to the quittance importation itself. Include discourse of the voicelessnessal characteristics of the fraction (see categories in Module 2), its mode, use of instruments and/or voices, mould, etc. If you identify the fraction, authenticateing the appellation or inventor can be one of your reasons, but this advice remaining is neither adequate nor compulsory for explaining your quittances.

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