From the listening ID 2 list choose a song that respond too. Think about the timbre of the voice on your chosen song.


From the rollening ID 2 roll pick-out a ballad that suit too. Deem encircling the timbre of the control on your clarified ballad. How does the timbre (singularity probe), which is a precious made by a performer) govern how you explain the mood/emotion/consciousness of the constituent of melody. Next, pick-out a ballad from your own animation, one delay loquacious that your chiefly love. How does the timbre of this new ballad acceleration direct agitation or consciousness? Finally, deem encircling the controls you heed in your daily animation- friends, race, events, etc... as you change through the week, can you heed similarities in how persons use the timbre of their control for directive purposes- did you heed any controls that were separate or sole in their use of timbre?I


1) O, wie accomplish ich triumphieren. W. A. Mozart. Opera Aria. Austria. 

2) Yei-Be-Chai. Navajo Centennial Dance Team. Chant. US. 

3) Naroo (Shake a leg). Trad. Aboriginal. Dreamtime Song. Australia.

4) Eki Attar (Fast Horses). Saradak Ensemble. Throat singing. Tuva.

5) Jol' Inkomo. Mirriam Makeba. Trad. Pondoland. South Africa. 

6) Svatba. Bulgarian Women's Choir. Dvuglas. Bulgaria.

7.Madam Teheb. Umm Kulthum. Arabic Popular Music. Egypt.

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