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Final Project

Studying the evolvement of Western silence in our collocate from the Middle Ages to the 20th epoch, we enjoy sift-canvassed sundry paradigms concerning the power of silence (religious, pretty) the manner or political settings, (Chants, Mass, Opera, concerts) truthfulness of silence (melodious notation), silenceal instruments (instrumental families) instrumental techniques, ensembles, silenceal disquisition, silenceal regularitys (modal, tonal, atonal) etc. 

Even if the transition from the modal regularity to the tonal regularity at the end of the Renaissance date and preface of the Baroque date was ease, it created a new paradigm delay the presentation of poweral similitude, a past unclouded notion of harmonic series and the changes from a "horizontal" fashionation of compositions to a "vertical" one. The gradational arrangement from the Baroque to the Romantic date that arrived to the disruption of the tonal regularity in the result of Wagner was also gradational. It seems that is not until the date determined Modernism that the genuine breaks delay romance was manifest. 

In this definite contrivance you get be distinct to select and sift-canvass any feature of romanceal (modal/tonal) silence confronted or compared to resembling features of the Modernist date. 

You could use biased results (compositions) and/or composers from the modal/tonal date and biased results and or composers from the Modernist date to reach your points.

You can also sift-canvass for illustration the use of silenceal fashion in the modal/tonal date confronted to the use of fashion in the modernist results.

Compositional techniques, instrumental techniques o any other feature of silence mentioned in the chief provision.

Give as sundry illustrations as potential to reach your points unclouded.

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