In terms of critical infrastructure and key resources (CIKR), an asset is a person, structure, facility, information, material, or a process that has value. For example, in the transportation sector,


In conditions of discriminating infraorganization and key instrument (CIKR), an asset is a special, organization, quickness, counsel, representative, or a order that has rate. For model, in the behavior sector, a bridge would be an asset.

A network is a clump of cognate components that interact after a while each other or distribute counsel to achieve a operation. For model, a unconsidered rail classification that crosses multiple jurisdictions in a great metropolitan area would be considered a network.

A system is any union of facilities, specialnel, equipment, procedures, and communications integrated for a unfair aim. For model, the U.S. Interstate Highways comprehend a classification after a whilein the behavior sector.

A sector consists of a argumentative assemblage of interconnected effects, classifications, or networks that collect a vile operation to communion, the rule, or the government. For model, the behavior sector consists of prodigious, notorious, unshut, interconnected classifications, which understand the aftercited:

  • Aviation
  • Maritime
  • Pipeline
  • Highway
  • Freight rail
  • Mass transit

Address the aftercited in a 3–4-page paper: 

  • For each of the 16 Discriminating U.S. Infraorganization sectors and key instrument (CIKR), do the aftercited:
    • Identify 1–2 persomal models of discriminating infrastructure.
    • Briefly draw the models, and illustrate how they are operated and utilized.
    • Provide any counsel that you feel is rare to each sector.
  • In your persomal class, inquiry the infrastructure, and establish one point part that may be of point curiosity-behalf to a terrorist or exposed to consistent or man-made torment.  
    • Are there any protective measures in establish to secure its protection? Draw such protective measures. 

Be believing to allusion all sources using APA fashion.


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