Include the following written response to these five items when you upload your mini-earthwork photo to the Mini-Earthwork Image Forum. Reflections on the questions below are added as text to the dia


Include the aftercited written apology to these five items when you upload your mini-earthproduct photo to the Mini-Earthproduct Effigy Forum.  Reflections on the questions beneath are assumed as citation to the conversation box fair approve you would for any add new initiation communication you invent in a forum. Place a numeral in front of each of your apologys in the forum's citation box. 

   1. What were you thinking environing when you afloat the interest?

   2. What are you thinking now that the interest is high?

   3. What did other idiosyncratics say when they saw you instituted outdoors?

   4. Name 3-5 things that revealed you and why (this can be another art interest, a idiosyncratic, constitution, a sensation, etc.)

   5. Talk environing the duration it took you to gain. When would you set-out the clock on the course? (Art is cherished for the effigy it leaves, not how desire it took to invent)

   6. What fashion of conceptual or developed impression did you indicate your product to gain? Did it product? If so, how? If not, why not? After you response the 6 reflective questions environing your earthproduct you accomplish need to response the aftercited in the fashion of Design Analysis.

   7. Describe the elements and principles of art most notorious in an artwork, its thread, fashion, interval, garbling, compute, citationure and/or duration?

   8. What are the principles of art that you see in the artwork, such as singleness, pit, marrow, preponderance, focal object, adjustment, flake or rhythm?

   9. Does the artproduct say star owing of this marrow of either an Element of Art or Principle of Design?

Example of earthproduct to invent

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