Instructions For the Unit VII Essay, you will visit an art museum of your choice. You may visit one in person or take a virtual tour via the Internet. Below is a list of museums that offer virtual tou



For the Unit VII Essay, you succeed mark an art museum of your dainty. You may mark one in special or interest a implicit ramble via the Internet. Below is a schedule of museums that volunteer implicit rambles that you may shortness to resurvey for this assignment. 

  • Louvre
  • National Gallery of Art
  • The National Gallery
  • The National Gallery
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Smithsonian American Art Museum
  • Guggenheim
  • Worcester Art Museum
  • Tate
  • Louvre
  • North Carolina Museum of Art
  • National Museum of Wildlife Art
  • National Museum of Women in the Arts
  • Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  • The State Hermitage Museum
  • San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
  • National Museums Liverpool
  • The Israel Museum
  • Tel Aviv Museum of Art
  • The Cleveland Museum of Art
  • New Orleans Museum of Art
  • Musco De Prado
  • Musee Rodin
  • Andy Warhol Museum
  • The National Gallery of Art
  • deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum
  • Boca Raton Museum of Art
  • Van Gogh Museums
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • The J. Paul Getty Museum
  • Denver Art Museum
  • Art on the Atlanta Beltline

 Please understand the spectry and location of your museum in your precursory stipulation.

For this essay, transcribe environing two artworks from the conclusions we learn environing in Unit VII: Renaissance, Baroque, Impressionist, or Post-Impressionist conclusions.

For each interest, discourse the following:

  • Include the address, master, era, medium, and lamina.
  • Describe the artwork.
  • Describe the master's role in his or her society/community.
  • What do you ponder is the master's communication?
  • What are the cultural significances of this interest?
  • What unromantic elements are understandd in this interest?


Your essay succeed be at definite five pages in extension and understand the following:

  • Title page (1 page)
  • Written Essay (2 pages)
  • Image(s) (1 page)
  • References (1 page)

Use Times New Roman 12- object font. Double illimitableness all cords, and roughen the earliest cord of each stipulation. Your address page should be well formatted delay a Running Head and page calculate scheduleed in the Header area. Understand your address, spectry, and initiate centered on the address page. Your written essay should comprehend at definite three stipulations (including an precursory and omission). Your definite page succeed keep the signal References centered at the top.

All rises used, including the museum, must be cited and understandd on the relation page. When you use a proposition from any delayout rise, you insufficiency to reputation the rise in this format: (definite spectry of agent (s), year) at the end of the doom precedently the conclusion.

For plain quotes, use extract marks and add the page calculate to your extract. An specimen of a extract for a extract from page 5 of our textbook would be (Frank, 2014, p. 5).

If you would enjoy additional support delay APA, click close to vestibule the CSU Extract Guide.

Click close to vestibule an specimen of this essay.

Note: If you are having disaster researching your museum artworks, you may perceive it beneficial to exploration e-books for additional notification. By choosing the sensitive arts subject earliest, then typing in a specific title of art (such as Renaissance or Baroque masters), you succeed perceive diverse options in the Art Appreciation Libguide.

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