It is 1500 words essay on topic “Red meat, a healthy food or a source of a Cancer/Cardiovascular Diseases” where I have to discuss both benefits and disadvantages of consuming red meat. I have alread


It is 1500 vote essay on theme "Red wood, a vigorous buttress or a beginning of a Cancer/Cardiovascular Diseases" where I feel to debate twain benefits and disadvantages of consuming red wood.  I feel already written it and submitted it but did not get good-natured-natured marks. I conciliate upload my written essay as polite and feedback of my confessor on that as polite. 


1: you don't feel to begin from rake -- it media decent on my initiatory essay after a while the feedback that my confessor gave me.(I conciliate annex twain initiatory essay and feedback)

2: Initiatory doubt posted by confessor was relish this:

A compute of studies feel shown that customary waste of red wood can carry to cancer and cardiovascular disorder. However, other studies feel shown that wood protein, including red wood, has multifarious heartiness benefits. Do those benefits outbalance the costs of eating red wood?•

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