Journal: Language and Situation This week you will explore how language changes based on the situation. Imagine a situation in which one person is asking another person for a favor (identify one favor


Journal: Language and Situation

This week you succeed ponder how language varys installed on the position. Imagine a position in which one peculiar is interrogation another peculiar for a kindness (establish one kindness and localize it for the whole assignment). Chosen three of the subjoined positions:

  • Grandchild talking to grandparent
  • Two romantically implicated herd talking
  • Employee talking to boss
  • Student talking to professor
  • Two siblings talking
  • Two neighbors talking
  • Parishioner talking to a pastor
  • Parent talking to a child
  • Two colleagues talking

For each position that you chosen, write a confabulation between the two suppositious herd; the confabulation should convergence on one peculiar requesting a kindness from the other peculiar.

Reflecting on your confabulations, exculpation the subjoined questions:

  1. How did the confabulations vary?
  2. Why did the confabulations vary?

Length: Each scenario must be at meanest 350 signification (1050 signification aggregate)

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