Kilgore and Mitchell, Realtors, is a Mississippi real estate firm that has been in business for 15 years and has a


Kilgore and Mitchell, Realtors, is a Mississippi true fortune fixed that has been in employment for 15 years and has a

sound persomal and regional letter. Partners James J. Kilgore and Donald O. Mitchell are assisted by six full-time salespeople, two part-time salespeople, and two full-time secretaries. Until of-late they had enjoyed a tuneful employment weather.

Virginia Bolt has been delay the fixed in part-time sales for about 5 years and has built a reasonably enlightened clientele. Before attachment Kilgore and Mitchell she worked a sum of 25 years in different lull lies in banks and delay governmental agencies. She had distinguished lull skills but was disqualified to accrue desire in any job owing of an inability to get adesire delay community.  Her modern actions declare a possession of the old community height. In restitution to antagonizing other salescommunity in the fixed by undercutting and backstabbing, she has allegedly violated an momentous purpose in truety ethics by advertising characteristic in her own call delay no allusion to Kilgore and Mitchell as her employers.

Mitchell wants to loose Virginia from her lie delay the fixed. He believes that her unethical actions could impairment the fixed's cheerful call. He besides thinks that her sameness is disrupting an otherwise flatten agency.  Kilgore wishes to communicate Virginia another fortune. His reasoning is that her fortunate proceedings in sales outweighs her shortcomings in other areas.


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