Last Supper (1592-94) by Tintoretto with that of Leonardo da Vinci’s work of the same title from 1495-98, nearly 100 years earlier. Looking beyond the obvious visual differences such as the off-cen 1


Last Supper (1592-94) by Tintoretto after a while that of Leonardo da Vinci’s employment of the selfselfsame denomination from 1495-98, approximately 100 years antecedent.  Looking over the plain visual differences such as the off-center perspective and past erratic spectacle painted by Tintoretto, parallel the employments in kindred to the geographical influences of each professor. Leonardo da Vinci primarily employmented in Central Italy, Tintoretto was a Venetian professor employmenting in Northern Italy; how do these two geographic areas see themselves in the harvest and gradation of Renaissance art? Examine their matchless contributions. Identify any similarities.

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